Actuarial Data Science

An initiative of the Swiss Association of Actuaries

Data Science Lectures / Books

If you are or become an Actuary and/or you are interested in learning more about Data Science in general, then you are on the right page!

Below we list more lectures, courses and books which we think are perfect for Actuaries to learn more about Data Science. The material below is primariliy learning material on basic knowledge in Data Science. Be aware that they do not discuss actuarial topics.

Lectures in Data Science

Courses in Data Science

Books in Data Science

Below we list several books which we think are well suited for actuaries, providing basic knowledge in various Data Science areas. We intentionally restrict to a few books, as there are a lot more available.

Mathematics / Statistics:

Data Science with R:

Data Science with Python:

Neural Networks and Deep Learning:


Understanding Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Science

Below we list various literature which provides an understanding about the fundamental concepts underlying statistics, machine learning and data science.